About Our Founder

I am a cloud security engineer by day and a stakepool operator by night. I have been performing various cybersecurity assessments for over ten years and another five years of application security and DevOps.

I have always been interested in technology, from the days of the AOL discs, AIM, and DSL to checking when Google Fiber was coming to my neighborhood. This is an exciting time for us to live in, and running VoltPool is just one of the many passions I have.

At home, I love the outdoors and will usually be outside on the computer developing, securing systems, or learning new technologies. I enjoy hiking, fishing, running, working out, and beer! I enjoy a good Belgium brewed from my stash when it’s not fermenting.

My vision for VoltPool is supporting a network I believe in, validating transactions, and producing blocks on the Cardano network so our delegators can be rewarded in ADA every five days. Cardano reminds me of when Google Fiber was just coming out when everyone is still on Ethereum (aka cable internet).

I have always been a data driven guy. I reinvest VoltPool earnings back into the company to further develop the next generation Cardano explorer and data analytics platform, called VoltSight.

Founder - Andrew Goodson