A Financial Disruptor Vol.5

Welcome! The Pulse highlights what has been happening within Cardano and Voltairera. This month, as The Pulse’s 5th edition, What is Cardano’s “Big Red Ball” Theory?, Voltairera’s internal initiatives and a status update on 0% margin.

Cardano Status Updates

What is the Big Red Ball? Charles tweeted back on November 23 a picture of a big red ball. But what does it mean? While it’s only speculation, I think this means a bi g surprise awaits Cardano Delegators and SPOs shortly. The question is, what surprise? Cardano has over 90 partnerships in the pipeline right now. By 2025, Charles believes over a billion people will be using the Cardano network in some form or fashion, for Charles to claim that he would need to establish a Fortune 100 company partnership. But no partnership like that has been publicly announced. While we aren’t sure if the surprise deals with a major Partnership announcement, Coinbase is rumored to be work ing with IOHK to trade Ada on its exchange in the next few weeks. But we do know for sure. Something is brewing on the horizon.

Within the Cardano roadmap, five primary projects are being worked:

  1. Goguen
  2. Cardno Decentralization
  3. Networking
  4. Adrestia
  5. Daedalus

Overall, Iohk has been continuously improving the network and adding features. December 6 is when K goes from 100 to 500. Any pool with over 63 million ada will be oversaturated, and diminishing rewards will start. VoltPool is at 56 million (Almost 90% Saturated). One thing of note is that Daedalusisbeingformedintoamulti-signatureandmulti-tokenwallet.SowhenGoguenrolls out, support for the new tokens will be supported in the wallet.

Voltairera Status Updates

VoltPool is pleased to announce we have been in the top 10 in the Daedulus Wallet for the past four epochs! We started at #10, then to #8, and now #7 out of over 1300 pools! VoltPool thanks every one of our readers and delegators. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Voltairera has been busy designing a NextGen Cardano Explorer for the community and the Cardano Ecosystem. As Cardano moves into Gogyen, there will be an increase in traffic and transactions taking place.Having the ability to trace transactions and the meta data inside it would be a key driver in mass adoption for financial and banking transactions.

We are doing this because we understand that Cardano will be the bedrock of commercial banking in the future. Reading the Cardano database will be a fundamental factor in Voltaierea’s long-term mission and goals. And being able to provide an explorer for Cardano delegators and its users is one way of giving back to the community.

In the long run, Voltaierara’s mission is to provide an in-depth analysis of the Cardano network’s health, stakepools, metadata, tokens, and transactions. The future is bright here at Voltairera and Cardano.

Volt Pool Margin

Pool Margin is the percentage of total rewards the Pool earns from an epoch given to the Pool Owners. For example, a pool generates 20,000 Ada during an epoch, and the Pool charges a margin of 1%. Rewards given to the Pool Owner are 1% of 20,000 Ada or 200 Ada is taken from the 20,000 and given to the Pool Owner while the remaining 19,800 Ada is given to the P ool delegators.

VoltPool has a margin of 0% because we wanted to grow, give back, understand our costs, and see what the rest of the pools are doing. Due to our NextGen Explorer initiative, we are no longer covering our costs with the 340 Ada fixed fee. VoltPool will raise the margin to 3% next Epoch. Our NextGen Explore requires several severs and time developing the UI for the community and the Cardano Ecosystem if you have any questions about margin or our fees, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Cardano Updates


  • Marlowe Playground Updated

Cardano Decentralization:

  • RTView improvements were done


  • Cardano-ping was implemented for Cardano node


  • Wallet API compatible with openAPI3.0 increasing database management
  • Multi-asset and token support for the wallet was being worked on
  • GraphQL v3.0.1 was released
  • Multisig transaction support, scheduler and multiple token types were worked on


  • Upgraded from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0 - Here is the change log
  • Daedalus support the Trezor T hardware wallets
  • Volt Pool is proud to announce to be #8 in Daedalus!

*Status Updates can be found Directly from Cardano Roadmap

VoltPool Updates


  • VoltPool is #8 in Daedalus!
  • VoltPool produced 76 blocks from Epoch 226-*232
  • We have a current Return on Stake (ROS) of 5.81% for our delegators
    • 226: 11 Blocks,13.3K Rewards
    • 227: 14 Blocks,16.4K Rewards
    • 228: 9 Blocks,10.0K Rewards
    • 229: 6 Blocks,7.1K Rewards
    • 230: 18 Blocks,21.4K Rewards
    • 231: 17 Blocks,19.7K Rewards
  • We have produced almost 290,000 ADA for our delegators as of Epoch 213
  • Volt Pool has never missed producing a block. And has had over 99.99% uptime since inception
  • Pool Size: ~56.5 mil or 93% Saturated. This leaves VoltPool in a prime position for providing maximum awards to our Delegators in the long run when k is increased to 500 o n December 6th. The goal for a pool is to be as close to saturation without being oversaturated (A fully saturated pool is 63 million Ada).


  • Enhanced security and monitoring across the (4) relays and block producer
  • Standard Operating Procedures where updated
  • Creating Azure pipeline builds for future updates
  • Redesigning the website to be more Professional and moving from a word press to a stati c website design


  • Relay 4 spontaneously crashed without an explanation. Was able to restart the relay with no issues and did not affect the block producer at all.


  • Cardano Explorer is being created
  • Work on db-sync, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL is in progress