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VoltPool has a robust, secure, and fully automated system with continuous backups and updates, numerous relays, and advance cloud architecture to ensure 99.99% uptime. Being a cloud security engineer by day, I have assured the architecture uses a defense-in-depth approach and a zero trust architecture utilizing industry best practices in DevOps, Cloud security, Disaster recovery, and automation.

VoltPool has two pools: VOLT & VOLT2.


VOLT is our Primary pool and has been registered since August 5, 2020, of Epoch 209 and has been producing blocks since Epoch 211. We have over 2500 delegators, produced over 2000 blocks, and ranked continuously one of the top staking pools on the Cardano network. It is our primary staking pool.

Margin Fee is a variable fee switched between 0-3%. Why variable? Because actually, the Return on Stake (ROS) is higher for a pool that switches back and forth between 0% and 3%, which is one of the reasons why I am increasing margin to 1% on July 28.


VOLT2 is our overflow staking pool once VOLT becomes close to saturation. And also to maintain growth and revenue of VoltPool once K is increased from 500 to 1000, which will lower pool saturation of 62 million Ada to 34 million ada.

VOLT2 has the same security, architecture, and automation as VOLT. However, VOLT2 has yet produced any blocks due to not reaching a minimum of ~1.8 million Ada delegated to the pool.

The margin Fee is 0% for the foreseeable future. VoltPool’s goal is to run two pools simultaneously.


Every month VoltPool will publish the results from the last 6 Epochs of the month. Also, the blog will include if any issues arise, volt initiative updates, and relative information Volt delegators need to be aware of. If you have any questions you may email me by leaving a message down below, or reach out directly on the bottom right icon.


Contacting Me (Drew) from VoltPool is as simply as clicking on the bottom right icon and submitting your question directly to me. Our goal here at VoltPool is to provide you profressional support and ensure you get rewarded every five days (per epoch) from staking with VoltPool!